Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First iPhone - bow!

This blog will now focus on 2 things. Just 2.

Technology in general and iPhone.

Yes, I finally got my first ever Apple product (brand new). Ever since the Apple hype started, I only bought 2 products from them. Both pre-loved (pre-owned).

An iPod Mini 1st gen color silver which I bought for around 4,000 pesos (I think it was sometime in 2005) and another iPod, A nano 1st gen, just 2nd quarter this year, 2009.

I was so impressed with the iPod Nano I bought because despite of being used for several years, the original sticker protector of it when you first buy the unit is still intact. Meaning, it was never removed. Meaning, there is absolutely zero scratches and can easily pass as a brand new unit if just the plastic is still very clear. It's semi-blurry (25%).

Yesterday, I picked up my very first iPhone 3g 8gb (Not the 3gs).

Well, I know this 1 contest where you could win 50 iPhones. The first draw was held last August and there are 2 more upcoming draws. 1 is on October and the other is on November.

So... there are 40 more iPhones are to be given away.

Soon, i'll post my unboxing video here. and later on, post all the tricks and tips I would discover on my iPhone 3g.

To check out the said promo mentioned above, please visit this - AxeOnPhone or call 0908-8933333

My iPhone 3g 8gb photos

Bought the silicon case 5 days before I got my actual unit -- excited!

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