Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gmask - Not So Good Investment
Living in the Philippines where everyone is gadget-conscious, owning an old phone that has dents and scratches makes me hesitant to use it at times. This was the last phone that I ever bought and after 5 years, it's still with me. But for the past year or so, it's at least for gaming purposes.

Well, a year or two back when Gmask was still a big hit, I tried it to my phone to at least "disguise" it and cover the scratches. I got to have my phone Gmasked for around 2,200 pesos. But now, it makes me think.. Was it worth it?

At first, I was contented obviously. I gained more confidence in using that mobile phone and was even proud of the design it wore. After a year or so, it started to transform to an uglier version of it. The Gmask was starting to peel-off on the corners. After that, everything was like dominoes. A little peel here, a little peel there.

So know, it looks dirtier even though the scratches aren't very visible. To tell you the truth, unless you apply the double layer, the scratches would still be visible but not all would have the budget to have it double-layered. Double layer means applying a silver or white coat first before applying the sticker design of your choice. This also mean that the price would be doubled.

So there, I am in a way regretting I had my phone Gmasked. If I just purchased the original McCoy casing from Sony Ericsson, it would have cost me around 2,500 pesos! Some might say that it has been years so damage is expected. No, that phone is just a sitting duck at home. I only play games with it around once a week. I just wanted to make it look nice. After having it Gmasked, I changed mobile phone unit after a month or two.

So there. After referring 2 or 3 friends there, I think I did enough favor for them already and unless they improve the quality of it, I won't ever go back there.

By the way, I also blogged about them before and praised Gmask Philippines Greenhills branch about their service after I had my phone Gmasked.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bye-bye Globe Visibility - Good Riddance!

Finally! I had my line cut earlier!

I was using my Globe Visibility unlimited line for more than 2 years. As I've said in my other blogs, it was okay until February 2009 came. I wasn't able to use it for 3 months (Feb to May) because of the wonky signal.

Maybe you are thinking of arguing with me that "it depends on the location." I will tell you now that I know what I am talking about! As I've said, I've been using it for 2 years and constantly using it at the same location.

I got it March 2007. May 2007 was a bad month. After that, everything was fine and I can browse at almost 1mbps surfing speeds. February 2009 came and the signal from my usual location went kaput! (let me stop ranting because this blog is beginning to sound like a Globe ranting place blogsite"

So, I was informed that it was a waste because only 100 people got this special postpaid visibility unlimited line. "Duh! if you can't even use it, what's the use of the exclusivity?"

Besides, why would I be a loyal customer who pays Globe a lot when Globe owes me 10 times more!

Good riddance to my Globe Visibility! I feel so relieved. As Aileen of Google told me, "Ang tiyaga mo pa rin gamitin". Well, it's bye-bye now for that line. no regrets. period.