Monday, August 31, 2009

Viral Meme Video: Jollibee Flash Mob Dance

Kudos to Jollibee for putting out a great show at SM Mall of Asia last August 8, 2009!

It really was unexpected as everyone was caught dumbfounded with several dozens of people performing the same single dance in unison! Organizing 300 or more people to dance in unison, in public and with all their hearts in it was a great feat!

If you haven't watched the video yet, I think that this performance is a must watch!
(I've embedded it here. Please watch the video below)

This is using technology at its' finest! Kudos to Jollibee for exploring the not much explored -- the world of the digital!

You can also check out their website here:

Sunday, August 30, 2009


For just 10 pesos, you get 50 Globe to Globe SMS messages and 10 SMS to other networks!
To enroll to this service, just text "Immortal10" and send it to 8888.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Confirmed! Axe is giving away 50 iPhone 3g 8gb

After seeing this promo for sometime now, we have just confirmed that the said 50 iPhones to be given away are iPhone 3G 8gb.

That's a lot of iPhones!!! banana dance for 50 iphones

  • Call the AXE hotline, at 0908-893-3333, and answer 2 qualifying questions (via interactive voice response

  • You will then be provided a unique promo code for each completed call which will be dictated over the phone and via SMS after the call ends

  • Log on to, complete the registration process and enter the promo code

  • You may only use the promo code once but you may call the Axe hotline to get a new promo code
  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    Smart's Unlimited Call Service: Smart Talk (Part 2)

    After making a short review for Smart's unlimited call service called Smart Talk, this is now a follow-up review on the service itself.

    As I have previously mentioned in other post, it's very hard to get through and register for this service. An average of ten attempts would be needed for you to be able to register and avail of this promo.

    After registering for my 3rd week right now, problems keep getting worst. It was Deja vu all over again! The service is comparable to Sun Celluar's unlimited call service when they were just starting!

    For example, last night, I kept a log on how many call would go through over how many calls. From 9:00pm (+8gmt) to around 9:45pm, only 3 out of 70 calls went through! Frustrating, right? After 9:45pm, it improved a bit as 1 out of 10 calls went through.

    So Smart, what's the big deal of offering such services when your network can't handle the heavy load?

    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Lesson Learned: Just Reserve!

    sienna miller baroness gi joe wallpaper
    (click image to download)

    While I wasn't that excited to watch G.I. Joe, I cannot expect the others to feel the same way I do. This is what I learned that night when I was so frustrated, I just bought something quickly (closing time 10pm already) in the department store just so I would not waste my time going to Trinoma doing nothing.
    Checking out, I found out that the 9pm was already full. Naturally, I'd check the next available time and it was the 10pm one. It was just 30% filled and for this reason, I opted not to reserve my seats via sureseats.

    We arrived around 9pm so that we would have enough time to line-up to buy tickets, stroll around the area then buy snacks before entering the cinema.

    Alas! The line was so long you would think that it was the first showing day. Although A-Card holders have a priority line when purchasing tickets, it didn't help even a bit! It was already full!! The frustration struck us both and I regretted not reserving the seats because I wanted to save the 20 pesos reservation fee!!

    A week after, we watched UP. I logged-in around 11am and reserved 2 seats for the 8pm show. 20 bucks each is nothing compared to the frustration and regret you would feel.

    Just reserve! Kuripot kasi!

    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Sun Wireless Broadband Quickie Review

    Before everything, I just want to state that I am not connected in any way to Sun Wireless Broadband nor are they advertising nor my client. This is purely my opinion based on my experience for the past 6 months I've tried and used this.

    For the past few days, internet in the Philippines has been slow and according to computer world,
    At about 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday, local time, an alarm signaled a cable fault on Segment 7 of APCN2, which connects Hong Kong and Shantou, China. The disruption caused a temporary loss of service on the undersea link but all customers that use the cable were soon shifted to capacity on other cables, according to a source familiar with the situation.

    The APCN2 cable is owned by a consortium of 26 telecom operators from 14 different countries. The cable links Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Japan.

    The exact cause of the APCN2 fault was not immediately known. The alarm indicated the disruption was caused by a "single point of failure," which suggests a variety of possibilities, including a technical failure or a cable cut, the source said.
    I experienced this first hand and I 3/3 of my internet service providers really slowed down bigtime. I don't know when will this be fully repaired but, last night, I noticed a big change.

    Technically, I use my Globe Broadband (Wired) 3mbps subscription when I am at home. This should be faster since it's already wired. I did understand that as of last night, August 16, 2009, the internet was slow and I was thinking "It must be because of the APCN2". I was so pissed because I cannot worked that I tried using my Sun Wireless Broadband even though in my room, there is only 1 puny bar of signal.
    After connection, voila! I experienced fast internet again! I was like, "Wow!" Who could have imagined that a newer company, a wireless one, with a weak signal, would beat one of the pioneers in the market, DSL direct line connection and at my subscription rate of 3mbps (versus my sun which most claims have 650kbps), would be defeated by SWB!

    I'm so happy with my Sun Wireless Internet. That's all I could say right now. I hope my posts wouldn't attract more customers because I'm afraid that if everyone transferred to Sun, it might clog the network :p

    To Globe, please stick to your promises. I was promised to have 3 e-mail addresses with my subscription and yet, I only got one. I subscribed to your 3mbps subscription and yet, I get speeds as fast as 500kbps or less. Pay your suppliers please. I told you to contact me for more details.

    To Sun, please keep up the good work to receive more good feedbacks. Improve your services as your customer base grows. Don't follow others that prioritize getting customers only.

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    Smart's Unlimited Call Service: Smart Talk

    Enjoy SMART’s ultimate unlimited calls
    from June 26 to September 30, 2009!

    - No need to buy a new SIM or change your number!
    - Call all you want to the biggest network!
    - Enjoy Nationwidest coverage!


    Get SMARTalk load at your favorite retail outlets now.
    You can also convert airtime load and register* by texting TALK100 or TALK500 to 6400

    To call, just dial *6400 + 11 digit SMART number. Ex. *640009191234567
    *P1.00 airtime balance must be maintained. Cannot register concurrently with other unlimited call offers.

    • Promo is open to all Buddy Subscribers nationwide.
    • Subscriber must have the minimum balance required
    (P100 for SMARTalk 100 and P500 for SMARTalk 500) in order to register.
    • Unlimited calling only applies to local calls made within the Smart network.
    Unlimited calls can be made anytime of the day.
    • SMARTalk’s unlimited calls do not apply to roaming, international transactions
    and to calls made to other networks.


    There is only one problem with this service.... it's soooooooooo hard to register!!! I mean, I started sending talk100 to 6400 around 9am in the morning. It kept on replying that it isn't available!!!

    I was confirmed to be subscribed to SmarTalk at around 10pm that same day after around 20-30 attempts. Although I finally got through, how convenient can that be, right? My hunch is that they are limiting the registered users to a certain limit only to prevent network clogging.

    I hope they improve their SmarTalk registration process and I do hope that they extend this nice promo :)

    Monday, August 3, 2009

    Worst Service of the month goes to... Active Travel and Tours Megamall

    Last Saturday, after talking with several people inside the Megatrade Center (Philippine Business and Entrepreneur Expo 2009), me and my siblings were walking around and I remembered that my mom asked me to canvass for our December 2009 trip.

    The first agency we noticed was Active Travel and Tours in SM Megamall. At first, we looked around their office and checked out the posters. After a while, I stood by their counter and waited for one of the 3 female employees of the said travel agency. Unfortunately, we looked like commoners and this made us invincible to them.

    I really hate it when stores act this way. Very unprofessional. So what if we were not dressed with coat and tie and we look young? We are also customers! Now, we should have been customers of Active Travel and Tours in Megamall. Never will I recommend it to any of our relatives.

    We travel twice a year with unc's and aunt's and my cousins and I was looking for an alternative travel agency. Looks like they have a lot of customers already and I think should take my business elsewhere.

    For the owner's reference, we were there around August 1, 2009 around 11:00am.