Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Online Easter Egg Hunt - With Real Prizes!!!

Are you in for it?


Not only will you just be searching for online easter eggs but, you could also win P500 pesos worth of cellphone load!

Want to join? Here's how:

Rules and Mechanics from Aloo.ph Facebook page.
Happy Easter! Join our Easter Egg Hunt and get a chance to win 500 pesos worth of cellphone load. Simply check-in this Easter Sunday and find our eggs.

We have scattered virtual Easter eggs at predetermined spots for you guys to discover. Simply login at alooph and check-in to where you'll be celebrating Easter this coming Sunday (April 4). If you have checked-in to a spot with a hidden virtual egg, you will receive an email (using your alooph email address) letting you know that you have won.

Contest Mechanics:

1. You must check-in on April 4, 2010 (Easter Sunday)

2. You can only win once.

3. Depending on the predetermined spot, there can be more than one virtual egg.

4. Discovering our virtual eggs will be first come first serve. (Or in this case, first check-in first serve) So if there are 3 virtual eggs at Spot A, then the first 3 people will win those eggs for that particular spot.

5. Once you have checked-in to a winning spot, we will email you instructions on how to avail your 500 peso cellphone load. (We will email winners before the day ends.)

6. Winners will receive their load within the following week. (Starting April 5)
from http://www.aloo.ph
Mark your calendars! Don't forget to join! :)

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