Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MMDA should follow Melbourne Australia

I'm pretty excited to visit Australia again after a decade. What's different now is, I'm going to drive there compared to my last visit where we just rode a tourist bus going around Australia.


Like always, I do research on my country of destination. This is where you can find the internet highly helpful. I would like to share some of my research here:

- They drive on the left side of the road
- No need to apply for international driver's license, as long as your driver's license is written in english. This will be valid for 3 months.
- In Melbourne Victoria, you will be sharing the streets with Trams and Buses and they have strict rules for private motorists to follow.
- 50kph max speed on suburbs and 100kph on highways (unless specified)
- Blocking emergency vehicles can cost you big time - same in the US (Only in the Philippines can you see vehicles chasing an emergency vehicles or worst, over taking them)
- Giveway to everyone attitude
- The complicated right turn called "Hook Turn"


Other than driving on the left, you will also experience something very new. The hook turn.

I hope the MMDA can also do a version of the animation below. It should warn people against those unruly jeeps and buses, who stop whenever they want and who swerves from the first lane to the fourth lane, to educate foreign drivers. :)

They have several rules that we can also adapt to make the driving environment here more safer for commuters and drivers. 

and for LTO, maybe they can do a similar test as seen below. HIGHTECH!

If you'd like to learn more about driving in Melbourne Australia, please download this driver's handbook I got from their site: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c7xnnyl92sflxu1/drivers_handbook_0810.pdf


  1. this is nice, hope we can adopt this. traffic jams are a big problem here in our country.

  2. @silkytoon, I agree. Using technology to discipline motorists = strict implementation = less traffic jams = better economy.

  3. Don't forget the Australian roundabouts! It would probably take a disciplined population to reduce traffic effectively but it works!

  4. onting lagay lang yan, wala na kwenta yang mga rules na yan...