Monday, February 21, 2011

A peek into the future - Who needs humans?

When I saw the first few seconds of the video, I was like, "WOW!". I'm nowhere living near that but have you noticed how people nowadays are so busy with their gadgets? Imagine a family having dinner.. kids play games in their iPhones. Dad checks email in his blackberry.. mom reads magazines in her iPad. It's nowhere near the video I will show you but you can see it taking shape.

Looks cool, right? Who needs humans?

Here are some of the comments in that Youtube video:

> something trouble me a bit here, everyone living in virtual world and no one seeing each other in real live... do you not want to touch & hug your grand kids anymore??

> Cold cold world

> If the future is this 24/7 endless addiction to technology, shoot me now!

> This is how the life will become almost totally virtual...

> just hoping that humans can really communicate better for the good . . .

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