Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anti-Finger Print Screen Protector from Armorz

After buying a new mobile phone, of course, you will look for the  best possible screen protector in order to ensure the maximum overall defense against possible scratches to your expensive and  beloved gadget. My biggest problem with screen protectors is the fact that they are not created equal. More often than not some
existing screen protectors do provide sufficient scratch protection,  but most of them have side effect of “clouding” your screen as the level of transparency they offer can vary widely to as low as 75 percent visibility.

Thankfully in my continued search for a screen protector that offers a lot of promises, I finally stumbled upon the newly released Armorz Anti- Fingerprint Anti-Abrade Screen Protector for iPhone 4.  Now you can protect your favorite gadgets with a full body protector! It guards against scratches, marks, dust and dirt, and
keeps your iPhone 4 in perfect condition. This Protector Covers the whole front screen including the camera hole to provides a full coverage from dust and scratches. Screen protectors provide crystal-clear visibility and do not interfere with touch-screen operation. It fits the Apple iPhone 4 4th Generation perfectly. The
film is easy to apply and can be removed and washed for reuse, without leaving residue behind!

Additional info that I learned by applying the screen protector:
• Ensure that your screen is virtually 100% free of any dust
particles whatsoever to ensure that these do not become
permanently bonded to the Clear Armor film
• Applying the film to the back of your mobile phone is always
a bit more tricky and requires some patience particularly for
the edges.

Overall there’s no doubt I am impressed with the Armorz Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Abrade Screen Protector. The way it protects against scratches and smudges is great. Without a doubt this is the best value body & screen protectors available for your mobile phone today.

Armorz Screen Protector is distributed by Tenkie Box Concept Inc here in the Philippines.

Check out their facebook fan page at!/Tenkiebox 

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