Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Globe Visibility/ Tattoo and Globe Broadband sucks

From an evangelist to whatever the antonym of evangelist is, yes.. that is me!

Don't use Globe Visibility if you don't want headaches!!! Even Globe Broadband!

Being a Globe Visibility for more than 2 years, I recommended it to several of my friends and they all got one. Just this February, the signal in my area went kaput! Meaning, the surfing speeds were as fast (or as slow as) 0 kbps! Yes! As good as no internet at all!

It took me 2 months of calling the customer service everyday and after that, they fixed my connection (4,000 pesos worth of unused unlimited internet bandwidth) I'm under the Globe Visibility unlimited plan 2000.

Yes, currently, I am still subscribed to it but, I am thinking of switching to Sun Cellular postpaid broadband line.

My brother has a Sun Cellular Broadband and I have a Prepaid Smart Bro connection. I have all 3 connections so I know what I am talking about.

For the past 2 years, I have no problems whatsoever with my internet speeds. It reaches around 800-1mpbs surfing speeds. When my Globe Visibility connection was repaired, I now only reach 200kbps!!!! Talk about waste of money!

Now, let me go to your broadband service. You see, I am a loyal paying customer and I really don't appreciate all this hassle.

I subscribed to your 3mbps broadband connection last 4th quarter of the year. To date, the first 15 days was the only satisfying dates we ever had. The rest is history gone bad.

Everytime I download a file at night, my internet would be wonky the next day!!! I thought this was an unlimited broadband service? To make matters worst, I don't even reach 1mbps of surfing speeds!!!!

You know what's worst than worst? The contract includes 3 e-mail addresses and I only got 1!!!

If you can't make customers happy, they would be glad to transfer to other service providers who can take care of customers better!

To tell you the truth, I am someone who spends more than 5,000 pesos a month and isn't happy even a bit!

2,000 broadband
2,000 Visibility
1,000 prepaid handyphone
500 postpaid handyphone

I am sure it wouldn't harm you guys if you lost a paying customer worth 5,000 pesos a month. It's all starts with the power of word-of-mouth and the word-of-mouse and let's see this avalanche into something soon.

If someone from Globe will read this, id be glad to get in touch with you regarding my sucky internet connection and some funds you still owe me via your marketing agency.

please do email me at and I will wait for it.

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