Monday, November 2, 2009

Playtime: 3 Fun Shower Games

Colorful flash games. Cold showers in the morning. We've seen both, but maybe not at the same time. You may find yourself asking, “who would think up of shower flash games?,” or “why?”

Hey, I feel the same --- but having that showerhead spout out water first thing in the morning? It makes me get up and go, much like flash games!

So. To appease my fixation on showers and flash games, here's a little compilation of 3 fun shower flash games:
1. AXE Shower Gel Game For the dudes. So, this came out a few years ago, but hey, it's still fun(ny). AXE is still being naughty on this one, and the goal is to clean up a shower from evidence of fun the night before, just before a new girl shows up! This was used to promote their line of AXE shower gels --- and, okay, I get stuck somewhere in the 4th level. :p
2. Dove Shower RemixerFor the ladies. Now this is more I like it! In this one, we get to makeover a complete shower scene, from the floor tiles, the scenery, the bathroom fixtures, up to the showers themselves! Great baths often occur in places we really, really like. Can't have the plain showerhead/shower curtain scene here!
3. Flower Shower For the in-betweens. (Kidding!) For both dudes and ladies --- and maybe I cheated a little here, but searching for shower flash games is hard! This one's pretty fun though --- you get to align 3 flowers of the same color and they disappear! Also, the flowers are from the suitor! :))

Whichever one you choose --- you can rest assured that someone's finally made the connection between showers (boy I love 'em!) and flash games, wheee! So go ahead, spend that afternoon playing shower flash games! :)

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