Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Invisible Shield by Zagg (Philippine review)

A few months back, I made a post about a similar product.. or so I thought.

Gmask is not same with Invisible Shield after all. Gmask offers to protect your gadget from scratches BUT Invisible Shield actually protects your gadget. This is a situation which proves that action speaks louder than words.

After checking out my cousin's Nokia e71, also installed with Zagg Invisible Shield, I noticed the rubbery-feel that makes the gadget less slippery. Also, the demo AND the actual demo presented to me was convincing enough that I had my gadget also protected.

I went to SM Megamall Cyberzone (4th floor) and saw the Zagg booth in front of Case Logic (also near CDr-King)

This is not a paid post by Invisible Shield. I spent my own hard earned money to had my Apple iPhone 3g to be protected by Invisible Shield.

Installation photos (I know they don't allow video recording so I just took some photos):

Below is a demo video I found on Youtube:




So far so good. It's been already a month and I'm contented with it. Let's wait for a couple of months more for another set of updates and see if this would still be my perspective towards Invisible Shield.


  1. Do they still have it at mega mall? I'm wondering if they can install my shield on my gadget..

    1. Yes still there beside powermac