Saturday, December 19, 2009

Engadget's Keepin' It Real Fake Edition: Nintendo Wii.. I mean, MiWi.

I'm a fan of Engadget's Keepin' It Real Fake series. I don't usually buy those fake stuffs but recently, someone gave us one. No offense to the one who gave us that MiWi unit but, I can't help to feature it here in my tech blog :)

First, I'll show you the real thing then, I'm going to show you the Wii-mitation.

This is our original Nintendo Wii unit...

...and this is the fake Nintendo Wii a.k.a. MiWi (The whole package costs $32 USD)
Side-by-side with the REAL Nintedo Wii
The fake Wii can be battery operated??
MiWi's Cartridge Slot (No dvd/cd reader)
MiWi's AC-DC adapter socket
MiWi's Reciever
MiWi Controller side-by-side with the original Wiimote
Back view
Top view
MiWi Controller
MiWi tennis racket attachment
You insert it in the top portion...
To remove the attachment, click the bottom just bellow where you attached it.
MiWi's cable and adapters.
MiWi's attachments! (Included in the package)
Apparently, the MiWi doesn't have the original Nintendo Wii's infrared receiver.
MiWi Box
MiWi accessories (Not included)
Mi Guitar?????
These are all the included games in one cartridge.
Notice the Model Number? (Lower right)
Apparently, the creator of the MiWi is kinda intelligent. He is so correct by using the code "BS"-9900-89

If you think you've seen it all, wait till you see how SUCKY the graphics are. Let's not start with the game play.

Overall, it's a waste of time buying this unit, waste of energy playing it and last but not the least, one of the worst imitations I've ever seen.

*Video of the gameplay to follow
**For a sneak preview (info) of the game play: even if you don't click or move the controller, it plays by itself. It's like on autopilot mode.

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