Monday, December 7, 2009

iPhone Power Station Battery - mini review

Well, as you have read yesterday in my Lowepro Classified Sling 180 aw review, I will be leaving soon for a short vacation. Did I also tell you that having an iPhone while traveling is now essential?

I have this application called XGPS. It lets you download maps for offline use. Cool, huh? And because my iPhone 3g has a built-in GPS, guess who's never going to get lost in a foreign land? :P

There are limitations with the iPhone though. Battery power is one of them. I always use 3g and I can drain the battery within 4 hours of usage. I won't be bringing my laptop to where I am going because my iPhone would serve the purpose. For long travel times, it would be my entertainment machine -- watching movies, listening to music and playing tons of games!

But again, I would be needing a mobile-charger. Since I won't have a car where I can charge my iPhone while traveling, I need a back-up battery. Here is the closest I can find in Greenhills Shopping Center -- It's called the iPhone Power Station.
It has that same battery indicator you can see in Macbook batteries. You charge it like how you charge your iPhone. By the way, you cannot charge the Power Station and charge your iPhone at the same time. I tried that already. :)
It's almost half the size of the iPhone.
Upper portion of the Power Station
Rear view

Well, as of testing (1st day), it can charge your iPhone up to 87% of its' full capacity. According to the box, it takes 4 hours to recharge the Power Station (Twice the amount of time compared to charging your iPhone)

I'm going to try use a USB hub to charge both gadgets using one Apple adapter. hehe.

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