Sunday, October 9, 2011

Christmas City 2011 - Railroad (Plarail) final layout [Plarail patterns]

Finally, we have finished doing the layout for the railroad. The railroad we used is Plarail, made by Tomy. From the tables below, the train climbs up to our electronic fire place. Below, you can see photos of the entire city, portion by portion.

We now have 3 train sets. 2 passenger type trains and one cargo train. The cargo train has a snow plow in front of it (to fit the Christmas theme) and we bought additional cargo cars for the train to pull. As seen in the photo above, there's a bridge. This part is the government part. This is where the town hall fire station, hospital (bank turned hospital) and police station is based. When the train goes up, it connects to the photo below...

This is the where the train will go from the last photo. There's a donut shop (with a police car parked), a diner / gas station and several commercial establishments.

Here, a hotel, church and the residential area is very much visible. The limo as seen at the bottom of the photo is the city mayor.

More residential houses. The blue structure below is a school.

Moving forward, the train will go around the small forest we made. There's also a shop in the middle of the forest selling Christmas trees. You'll see it once the light is already setup. Watch out for it in my next updates. The train will go up and climb to the higher area (above the electronic fire place)

This is the highest point of the city, thus, the buildings here have more snow. There's a lighthouse and the middle area is a train parking area. 

This is the steepest area of the entire track. From the highest point, it will go down to the lowest point of the city. There's also a sharp curve near the bottom but the train can manage.

Here's another view of the slope. We improvised the support and used styro containers. This is one of the best areas to watch the train.

After the steep slope, it will go around the city like a LRT/MRT because it is elevated. Below, a separate train set is present. That train has sounds and has a smoke effect. Inside the classic train are some fun activities and entertainment related structures. There is also a huge Christmas tree.
Another view of the entire city
That's it for now. Wait for my next update. We will try our best to fix the city lighting very soon :)

[For those interested to buy the structures/ buildings for your own Christmas city, email me at cheftonio (at) gmail (dot) com)]

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