Sunday, October 2, 2011

Christmas City 2011 - Layout Testing w/ Tracks

It's already late in the evening and I just want to post an update on our Christmas City 2011 project. This week, we've spent around 6,000 pesos on the new Tomy tracks. This is the first year we encircled the whole city with Tomy tracks and bought 2 additional Tomy passenger trains.

Our Christmas City 2011 - 40% Done
Why 40% if it looks finished already?
-We haven't connected the train tracks above the fireplace yet(20%) - Very challenging since I didn't want to buy a lot of those yellow supports.
-The building have no lights yet (30%)
-Final touches and accessories (10%)

The train you can see on the tracks above (Bottom center) is from the Tomy train set I bought last year. It has a snow plow in front which can remove snow balls (seen below) as the train goes around. To make it longer, I attached 2 sets of the train body with containers. Check out the containers below.

Nice addition to the trains. This costs around 200 pesos. Bought 2 of these.

Here are some of the Tomy accessories we purchased this week. All was paid for and bought from Toys R Us (Robinsons Galleria, Trinoma and Rockwell Branches)

Not so good quality. Red rails not that stable.

This costs 500 pesos. We only found use for the yellow stands. Not recommended. Hard to use with existing tracks.

Very useful. You need a lot if you plan to have elevations. Costs nearly 300 pesos per pack of 6.

These items are on my wishlist:

Haven't seen any of these as of the moment.
This is called an automatic switcher. When the first train passes through to the left, the other will go to the right.

If you set the light to "red", a track will elevate to stop the train. This lights up. Costs 500 pesos.
Wait for my next update. We will connect the small town above the fire place to the main city. ;)

PS. Made a group in Facebook called Plarail Philippines. It's for Plarail enthusiasts and collectors like me. Everyone is welcome.  :)

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