Friday, February 5, 2010

Octagon Computer Store Review and another iPhone Portable Charger

Last Wednesday, I was in Megamall and saw yet another charger in Octagon Computer Store.

It's a Connectland portable charger with model number "CHG-USB-DX-P112". (Priced at Php 395.00)
Click here for the Specifications (PDF file) of the Connectland USB Battery Box

Anyway, if this is the first time you've read my blog review about portable iPhone chargers, you might want to check out what other iPhone portable chargers that DO NOT actually work.

Here is a list of iPhone portable chargers that do not work:
1. iPhone Emergency Charger Using 2 AA Batteries
2. Clik brand - Square iPhone Emergency Charger using 2 AAA Batteries
3. iPhone portable battery pack - Mobile Power Station emergency iPhone battery

You might ask me why I still bought it after previously buying and returning similar products that didn't work. Well, this one utilizes 4 AA batteries! Four! That is why I had my hopes up and kept my fingers-crossed, hoping this would finally work.

Some more photos of the said Connectland USB Battery Box:

Connectland's Website -

FYI to all, I used 2 kinds of batteries to try this gadget out. For my first try, I used 4 freshly charged rechargeable Sanyo eneloop batteries. Nada! Then, I tried using it with a newly purchased set of 4, Energizer batteries. (The expensive kind) and yet, it didn't work.

I also tried using 3 different iPhone cables to charge it:
1. Original iPhone charging cable
2. Belkin retractable USB iPhone cable
3. 3rd party iPhone usb cable

So, using all those above methods (mixed combinations) and given the following circumstances, it still didn't work.

Final verdict?
This would be now added to my list of not working iPhone portable battery charger! Yes, the connectland usb battery box do not work on iPhones!

Again, as with my previous products, this is a two-birds-in-one-stone review. I have the right to return the product so, I also am writing about my experiences relating to non-working products.

Before I purchased it in Octagon, I already asked about the return policy. 7-days, they said. Well, today is just the 3rd day and I returned the product. Everything went well until they delayed me for around 45 minutes.

First, they were finding the manager to sign the form. Then, they searched for AA batteries they could use so they could test the product if it actually wasn't working. I already told them that it wasn't working and I wouldn't return it if it actually would work. I know that this is SOP but, please be considerate of your customers time and move double-time as if you are making a sale.

First of all, you should be responsible for the products you carry, therefore, your customers do not deserve the punishment of waiting for you to check on the products you sell that do not actually work.

Of all so far, Infomax has the best after-sales customer service yet. Again, they are a bit more pricey but with that kind of customer service, there is no doubt customers would keep coming back to them.

*by the way, I exchanged my non-working Connectland USB iPhone portable charger to an iMobile wireless mouse (IM-M58). I added 400 pesos. Wait for the review :)

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