Sunday, January 17, 2010

iPhone Portable Charger - Using AA Batteries

This is my 2nd month searching for the ultimate iPhone portable power supply (in case I would be roughing it out in the woods soon where there are no electricity).

Well, Just last week, I purchased a portable iPhone charger from Infomax in Megamall. The packaging and unit is exactly what I will show below:

I bought it for 700 Pesos (Roughly around $15.25 USD). Before purchasing it, I tested it. It worked well as my iPhone unit indicated that it was charging.

I took it home and tried if one set of 2 AA batteries can fully charge my iPhone 3g. I started charging it at around 25% remaining battery life. Surprisingly, after charging it for 1 hour+, the battery level indicated that there was only 6.25% left!

So, instead of charing my iPhone 3g, it was draining it!
I returned the unit 2 days after and thank God that infomax refunded me cash without any questions asked. I've been a loyal infomax customer although I know that they are a bit more expensive versus other gadget shops in the Philippines.

Just yesterday, January 17, 2010, I went to Digital Hub Robinsons Galleria branch and I saw another neat iPhone portable charger! This time, it was just priced at 495.00 pesos! (roughly $10.80 USD). They clearly explained that by using 2 AA batteries, It can charge my iPhone anywhere I go.

It looked like this:

The brand was "Clik".

Compared to the charger I bought from Infomax, Clik doesn't have a cable attached where you can directly charge your iPhone/ Apple gadgets.

The advantage of Clik is, you can charge your gadgets that can be charged via USB anywhere! UNTIL, I tested it...

It Might be too good to be true. I experienced the same thing. I started charging my iPhone 3g at around 50% then, 1 hour after, the battery went down to around 30%.
It's not charging too!!!

Well, I immediately returned it within less than 2hours of my purchase. Guess what? I had to argue my way just for Digital Hub to refund my item.

See the difference with Digital Hub and Infomax? After 30 minutes of asking them for a refund because their item wasn't doing what it was supposed to do, they did refund me. I just lost 30 minutes of my lifetime asking for a refund. This is why I like infomax more even if it's a bit more expensive.
After buying 3 iPhone portable power chargers, it looks like I still haven't found a working one. I guess I really have to stick with the AC charging method? Darn it! Why is iPhone battery life so short? :s

I'm hoping that I can find the perfect portable charger for my iPhone.

I'm going to purchase next a solar charger I found somewhere and make a review of it also. It was priced at only 400.00 pesos. Worth a try, I think.

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  1. ang pa talaga ng infomax. ako rin sana ganun...kase kababalik ko lang nung myfi device sa kanila, nung ibinalik nila at itest ko sa store nila, na-virus yung netbook ko, almost all of my file are gone kase i have to restore it from the restore disk provided when i bought the netbook. they did not argue naman na di pwede ibalik...pero since it was worth 7k, and barely last oct 3, i am patiently waiting for them to return my money. i dont blame them kung na-virus man yung netbook and had to be on leave on my job the following day because i was not able get my laundry(wala ako maisuot)and had to force myself to buy an external dvd writer just to be able to restore my netbook to working condition...all in all I also lost almost 7k not to mention na-over-fatigue ako dahil nalibot ko halos buong QC with a taxi at lakad dito...lakad dun...haaayyyy hassle talaga