Sunday, September 11, 2011

Christmas City Project 2011 - Preparation

It's the -ber months again and here in the Philippines, we see traces of the arrival of Christmas as early as September. You can see local Christmas decors like parols being sold by the road, toy stores playing Christmas songs and homes being decorated with Christmas ornaments. Yes, as early as September.

Last year, we started early November. We create a Christmas city diorama yearly. My mom loves collecting those houses and we started with just 2-3 houses. A few years back, we agreed that we would only buy 2-3 houses yearly. Well, for the past 3 years, we've been buying 10-20 houses a year! Can't blame mom. She loves Christmas stuff.

This year, I think we are starting early. This year, we started on the first week of September. We already fixed the new table layout where the Christmas village/ city will be placed and I'm excited that we will be utilizing the fire place this year. Also, we bought some new items including around 10 new houses and a line up of police cars. As I was searching for police cars, my brother noticed this highly detailed British police.

Impulsively, we bought all the Mitsubishi Evo X british police made my Tomica in that toy shop that day. Tomica is one of our favorite toy car makers. This Evo X police has the number 39 in the box. This will serve as our police car for the police station from now on as we have random, no alike police cars for the past few years. Price per toy car was Php 169.00 each.

That is our city plan this year. Those gray shades are tables in different elevations. The yellow line is where the train tracks will be. Our train and tracks are from Tomy. I invested in one last year. Of course, this is not a business investment but more of a happiness investment. I loved trains since I was a kid and this is the only time that I bought one. We would be needing a huge amount of tracks this year as the set I bought last year is only good for the circular table as seen in the layout above. If only I could get a toy store here in the Philippines do an ex-deal with me hahahaha!

Snow plow train | Php 1,700.00

If you are interested to know the development of our Christmas city, check out this blog of mine. I will keep you updated. 

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