Monday, September 19, 2011

Christmas City 2011 - Platform and Space Estimate

Little by little, we are building our Christmas city. Unlike other years where we finish everything in one entire day, this time, we decided to take it lightly. Tonight, we placed the white cloth as the platform over the (6) tables and on top of the electronic fire place (will take a photo of it soon). Also, as planned this year, there will be tunnels and mountains made of papier-mâché. I'm not sure if it will push through but I hope it does.

The structures below is not all yet. We have around 15 more structures to include and that isn't the final layout. We just wanted to see the available area left for the road and railroad track. Apparently, only a small space is left. On the far end of the photo (upper right), you can see a bunch of trees that looks like a forest. Those trees will be individually placed besides each house.

Up next? Train tracks? Road? Building lightings? Watch out :)

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