Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leaked Photos: New Huntkey Products

I'm so excited to post this. No where anywhere in the internet could you find these photos as of the moment because these photos are leaked!!!

From an insider working in Huntkey, these are just some of the products to be released by Huntkey this 2010!!!

I must admit, Huntkey has been improving a lot year after year! I've personally been using Huntkey PSUs for a year or 2 already. Excellent performance as I usually turn off my PC once a week only.

On topic, here are the said leaked photos:

Huntkey PSUs are looking somewhat very similar to Enermax PSUs



The casing is similar to the one that Thermaltake makes.

Huntkey, don't sue me for posting the leaked photos here in my blog. LOL.


  1. Ang ganda nga ng new huntkey casings..... inform mo kame kailan ilalabas iyan ha? kuha ka p ng leaked image.... :b

  2. saw your link from TipidPC. thanks for sharing the leaked pics

  3. I've been using Huntkey for more than 4 years now. No problems whatsoever.


  4. In the past, when you mention that it's Japanese made, the stigma is that it would be broken easily. Now, Japanese products are one of the most wanted products.

    Same goes with China. Although the stigma is still present, Huntkey is improving a lot and this helps China improve their image.

    Kennedy Groff

  5. Nice! Perfect ito sa pag-upgrade ng gaming rig ko! sana available na.

  6. ang ganda naman nian. sana afford ko