Friday, January 8, 2010

What's Your Bra Color? It's a Facebook Meme/ Viral thing

Why the hell am I making an entry about this?

Well, it all started when I was wondering earlier why the hell a lot of people are putting colors in their statuses. Well, if you are also wondering, you are not alone. Read on.

I'm not sure if this is a Viral marketing campaign of an underwear company BUT, it's working, I tell you. Being in a conservative country like the Philippines, the response to this campaign was awesome! Well, if they were to make a male version of it, I won't even think about joining. No way Jose!

Still not clear? Here's the gist:

In an Internet meme that spread like wildfire on January 7 (January 8 in the Philippines), female Facebook users have been posting the supposed colors of their brassieres in a concerted effort to increase public awareness of breast cancer.
As a marketer, this sounds more like a "Viral Marketing" campaign rather than plainly something like promoting awareness for breast cancer, which is odd because breast cancer awareness month is in October, nine months away from where we are now.

A message has supposedly been circulating around Facebook, which reads: "Something fun is going on. Write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. And send this on to ONLY women no men. It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before the men wonder why the women have a color in their status…LOL!"
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