Sunday, December 12, 2010

Apple iPad Accessories: OPT iPad Sleeve

Others want their iPad naked. They want the real thing, without any covers. Taking care of your Apple iPad and preventing it to get scratches is as hard as it sounds, even more when moving your iPad to and fro. What you need, if that's the case, are iPad sleeves. Stylish sleeves made to suit your lifestyle!

Apple iPad Woven Sleeve (Handmade)

 OPT iPad Woven Sleeve costs Php 2,550.00
Apple iPad Sleeve

OPT iPad PU Sleeve costs Php 1,180.00

In case you want something to protect your Apple iPad, 24/7:

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  1. This ipad accessory brings your ipad not only protection but also fashion. This handmade woven ipad sleeve looks amazing as it protects your phone from scratches.