Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Otterbox iPhone and iPad Cases

Met a friend today and I saw his iPhone 4. Without giving a second thought, I asked him what case he has on because it looks sturdy and nice. The next thing he did was something I wasn't expecting... he started the video recording on his iPhone 4 and after 5 seconds, he threw his iPhone 4 to the floor!!! I was like OMG! I thought it was an accident or something. Then, he picked up his iPhone 4, showed me that it's still recording! Everything intact and not a single scratch!
Otterbox Commuter for iPhone 3G / 3GS

I forgot to take a photo of his iPhone 4. The photo above is my iPhone 3G. Also, the Otterbox case you can throw around is the Otterbox Defender. The Otterbox I have on my iPhone 3G is the Otterbox Commuter series. Sturdy enough but, not as sturdy as the Otterbox Defender. See the video below. 
Otterbox Commuter Rear Part

Guys, watch out soon! I'm going to review several Otterbox Cases! Can't wait to review 'em and show you what it does! I know I'm crazy but I'm planning to video record me, dropping my iPad 3g with the Otterbox Defender case on!

He has 2 cases with him when I met him. I tried it on my iPhone 3g. (Still thinking if iPhone 4 is worth spending on).

Watch this video. A guy actually dropped his iPhone 4 equipped with Otterbox Defender 23 floors!

Wait for my reviews! :)


  1. astig! I like this better than my current case. san po makakabuy?

  2. You can get em here free delivery pa!

  3. what about casing for Motorola Defy