Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crown Regency Cebu - Don't Miss this Deal!

As we know, group buying has recently started in the Philippines and all these websites have been offering us the greatest of the great in terms of deal. It's a win-win situation and I love how these deals are, well mostly, to consumers advantage!

Just a few days back, I saw this deal that made me really want to visit Cebu ASAP! It's a deal worth blogging about as travelers and foodies will surely want to grab this deal.
Check out Crown Regency Cebu's latest deal from Buyahinan! How convincing is it that I blogged it? For 3,999 pesos, you get:

  • Hotel Accomodation with breakfast for 2 (regular price P6,110)
  • Dinner Buffet for 2 (regular price P1,500)
  • Entrance Tickets for 2 at the Sky Experience Adventure at the Sky Observatory (regular price P400)
  • Sky Rides or 4D shows for 2 (regular price P500)
  • Tshirts for 2 (regular price P500)
  • Free use of all ameneties (Gym, Swimming pool)
See? All those mentioned above are worth more than 9,000 pesos!!! If you analyze a bit further, it's like staying for 2,000 pesos per night, including all those activities and 2 buffet meals! Hey, a buffet meal in a hotel here in Manila would already cost you more than 1,000 pesos! See?

Here's the thing.. because you found the deal here in my blog, tell me if you want to get that deal for yourself. If you will get that deal, email me at and i'll give you an additional freebie! Sounds great? Yes, a Merry Christmas for you, me and Buyanihan! :)

Photos below courtesy of
Photo of the room
 The Thrilling Edge Coaster
 Want some adrenaline rush? Try Sky Walk!

Email me at and I'll give you additional freebies! Up to you if you want to book from me or straight to Buyanihan. You'll get the same deal but, I give you additional freebie :)

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