Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sun Wireless Broadband Quickie Review

Before everything, I just want to state that I am not connected in any way to Sun Wireless Broadband nor are they advertising nor my client. This is purely my opinion based on my experience for the past 6 months I've tried and used this.

For the past few days, internet in the Philippines has been slow and according to computer world,
At about 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday, local time, an alarm signaled a cable fault on Segment 7 of APCN2, which connects Hong Kong and Shantou, China. The disruption caused a temporary loss of service on the undersea link but all customers that use the cable were soon shifted to capacity on other cables, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The APCN2 cable is owned by a consortium of 26 telecom operators from 14 different countries. The cable links Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Japan.

The exact cause of the APCN2 fault was not immediately known. The alarm indicated the disruption was caused by a "single point of failure," which suggests a variety of possibilities, including a technical failure or a cable cut, the source said.
I experienced this first hand and I 3/3 of my internet service providers really slowed down bigtime. I don't know when will this be fully repaired but, last night, I noticed a big change.

Technically, I use my Globe Broadband (Wired) 3mbps subscription when I am at home. This should be faster since it's already wired. I did understand that as of last night, August 16, 2009, the internet was slow and I was thinking "It must be because of the APCN2". I was so pissed because I cannot worked that I tried using my Sun Wireless Broadband even though in my room, there is only 1 puny bar of signal.
After connection, voila! I experienced fast internet again! I was like, "Wow!" Who could have imagined that a newer company, a wireless one, with a weak signal, would beat one of the pioneers in the market, DSL direct line connection and at my subscription rate of 3mbps (versus my sun which most claims have 650kbps), would be defeated by SWB!

I'm so happy with my Sun Wireless Internet. That's all I could say right now. I hope my posts wouldn't attract more customers because I'm afraid that if everyone transferred to Sun, it might clog the network :p

To Globe, please stick to your promises. I was promised to have 3 e-mail addresses with my subscription and yet, I only got one. I subscribed to your 3mbps subscription and yet, I get speeds as fast as 500kbps or less. Pay your suppliers please. I told you to contact me for more details.

To Sun, please keep up the good work to receive more good feedbacks. Improve your services as your customer base grows. Don't follow others that prioritize getting customers only.

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  1. Your right GLOBE Broadband's speed/reliability is very BAD.Area(Paranaque near SLEX).