Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smart's Unlimited Call Service: Smart Talk

Enjoy SMART’s ultimate unlimited calls
from June 26 to September 30, 2009!

- No need to buy a new SIM or change your number!
- Call all you want to the biggest network!
- Enjoy Nationwidest coverage!


Get SMARTalk load at your favorite retail outlets now.
You can also convert airtime load and register* by texting TALK100 or TALK500 to 6400

To call, just dial *6400 + 11 digit SMART number. Ex. *640009191234567
*P1.00 airtime balance must be maintained. Cannot register concurrently with other unlimited call offers.

• Promo is open to all Buddy Subscribers nationwide.
• Subscriber must have the minimum balance required
(P100 for SMARTalk 100 and P500 for SMARTalk 500) in order to register.
• Unlimited calling only applies to local calls made within the Smart network.
Unlimited calls can be made anytime of the day.
• SMARTalk’s unlimited calls do not apply to roaming, international transactions
and to calls made to other networks.


There is only one problem with this service.... it's soooooooooo hard to register!!! I mean, I started sending talk100 to 6400 around 9am in the morning. It kept on replying that it isn't available!!!

I was confirmed to be subscribed to SmarTalk at around 10pm that same day after around 20-30 attempts. Although I finally got through, how convenient can that be, right? My hunch is that they are limiting the registered users to a certain limit only to prevent network clogging.

I hope they improve their SmarTalk registration process and I do hope that they extend this nice promo :)

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