Monday, August 24, 2009

Lesson Learned: Just Reserve!

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While I wasn't that excited to watch G.I. Joe, I cannot expect the others to feel the same way I do. This is what I learned that night when I was so frustrated, I just bought something quickly (closing time 10pm already) in the department store just so I would not waste my time going to Trinoma doing nothing.
Checking out, I found out that the 9pm was already full. Naturally, I'd check the next available time and it was the 10pm one. It was just 30% filled and for this reason, I opted not to reserve my seats via sureseats.

We arrived around 9pm so that we would have enough time to line-up to buy tickets, stroll around the area then buy snacks before entering the cinema.

Alas! The line was so long you would think that it was the first showing day. Although A-Card holders have a priority line when purchasing tickets, it didn't help even a bit! It was already full!! The frustration struck us both and I regretted not reserving the seats because I wanted to save the 20 pesos reservation fee!!

A week after, we watched UP. I logged-in around 11am and reserved 2 seats for the 8pm show. 20 bucks each is nothing compared to the frustration and regret you would feel.

Just reserve! Kuripot kasi!

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