Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smart's Unlimited Call Service: Smart Talk (Part 2)

After making a short review for Smart's unlimited call service called Smart Talk, this is now a follow-up review on the service itself.

As I have previously mentioned in other post, it's very hard to get through and register for this service. An average of ten attempts would be needed for you to be able to register and avail of this promo.

After registering for my 3rd week right now, problems keep getting worst. It was Deja vu all over again! The service is comparable to Sun Celluar's unlimited call service when they were just starting!

For example, last night, I kept a log on how many call would go through over how many calls. From 9:00pm (+8gmt) to around 9:45pm, only 3 out of 70 calls went through! Frustrating, right? After 9:45pm, it improved a bit as 1 out of 10 calls went through.

So Smart, what's the big deal of offering such services when your network can't handle the heavy load?


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  1. how?its simply a fraud service Chef Tonio. according to Consumer group Consumer Complaints Center, Inc. has filed a complaint with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) against Smart Communications, Inc.'s promo "Smart talk," calling it "deceptive" and "confusing." Consumer Complaints Center President Vicente F. Gambito said his group has been receiving complaints about smart talk on the supposed poor service bogged down during the first two weeks of implementation of smart talk, and that the *6400 service was unavailable for reasons such as "the phone was unattended" or "phone is outside the coverage area", but a connection could be made to an non Smart talk number using a regular call without the use of prefix *6400 of smart talk. also, attempts to subscribe to Smart talk during the perios only resulted in receiving delayed messages saying the promo was unavailable at the time the registration was made.