Monday, August 3, 2009

Worst Service of the month goes to... Active Travel and Tours Megamall

Last Saturday, after talking with several people inside the Megatrade Center (Philippine Business and Entrepreneur Expo 2009), me and my siblings were walking around and I remembered that my mom asked me to canvass for our December 2009 trip.

The first agency we noticed was Active Travel and Tours in SM Megamall. At first, we looked around their office and checked out the posters. After a while, I stood by their counter and waited for one of the 3 female employees of the said travel agency. Unfortunately, we looked like commoners and this made us invincible to them.

I really hate it when stores act this way. Very unprofessional. So what if we were not dressed with coat and tie and we look young? We are also customers! Now, we should have been customers of Active Travel and Tours in Megamall. Never will I recommend it to any of our relatives.

We travel twice a year with unc's and aunt's and my cousins and I was looking for an alternative travel agency. Looks like they have a lot of customers already and I think should take my business elsewhere.

For the owner's reference, we were there around August 1, 2009 around 11:00am.

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