Monday, October 18, 2010

iOS 4.1 JailBreak for Mac and Linux now out via limerain and greenpoison

While most of us enjoyed Geohot's original iOS 4.1 jailbreak, Mac and Linux users weren't able to enjoy the same thing. Now, Limera1n and Greenpois0n will jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4.1 using your Mac or Linux OS!

Via Engadget
limera1n now supports Mac as well, and the Chronic Dev Team's greenpois0n variant can purportedly free your device from the Apple shackles of any of OS X, Linux or Windows. Mind you, there's still no working carrier unlock for iOS 4.1, so be sure to back up your baseband and don't expect to be making calls on T-Mobile USA -- and remember kids, there are always risks to playing chicken with the Apple firmware train.

To jailbreak your iPhone / iPod Touch iOS version 4.1, follow the instruction below:
- How to jailbreak iPod Touch iOS 4.1 using Mac or Linux
- How to Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4.1 using Mac or Linux

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