Thursday, October 21, 2010

Setup Huawei e5830 using Mac, iPhone or iPad

This was a problem unsolved for more than a week. After getting feedback from one of my many buyers, we finally found a solution on how you can setup your Huawei e5830 MiFi using whatever gadget enabled WiFi you have (interface is web based).

Step by step instruction on how to setup your Huawei e5830 MiFi using MAC / iPhone / iPad / Any wifi gadget
1. Install the default program first in your laptop (windows based -- still finding a way to not use a windows based OS)

2. Double-click the said icon above to check if it's installed properly and it can detect your Huawei e5830
3. Reboot your laptop / PC (just to be sure)

4.After rebooting your system, download the original Huawei e5830 firmware (click the link below):

(Please note that these steps are only tested in a network unlocked Huawei e5830. Do not blame me if you try this on a network locked MiFi)

5. After downloading the file above, you will see this icon on where you save the file:

6. Select 'I accept the agreement' radial button then click 'next'

7. Prior to starting the update, this will appear: (click 'start')

8. A warning will appear. Don't be terrified ;) Go on.. (Just make sure that there won't be any power outages or that your laptop won't freeze)

9. Click 'Start'

10. Then, you should see the following: finish then your done updating the software of your Huawei e5830!

11. Using your WiFi enabled gadget (Macbook, iPad, iPhone and other WiFi cellphones and laptops running different OS like linux and windows) , connect to your Huawei e5830 via WiFi.

12. In the address bar / URL bar, enter

Accessing it via a mobile device:
 When accessing it via your mobile phone, click "classic view" first before logging in. After logging in, click advanced settings and you can go change your settings immediately.

Accesing it via Laptop, Macbook, PC:
Just login and change the settings.

Login Username: Admin
Password: admin

For more questions, do no hesitate to post a comment below.

Thanks you all for buying and reading!

It took me around 3 minutes and 30 seconds to update the Huawei e5830 firmware using Windows Xp - Core2duo 1gb ram.

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  1. hi, i can't properly install my huawei e560 using my laptop. when i plug my huawei to the usb port it gives me a message that the device is not recognized, it does not automatically run the program. PLEASE HELP!!!