Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is the BlackBerry Bold 9700 White Really Exclusive from Globe?

I attended the Lucky 0917 of Globe last October 06, 2010. They invited the 1,700+ pioneers of Globe postpaid subscribers.Food served as superb! We came around 6pm that's why we had a table and a seat. Those who came late either didn't have tables or chairs but good thing, unlike other cocktails, they had spare seats so I think most guests were able to seat.

That night, they did also give away 220 units of white BlackBerry Bold 9700. The host did mention ten thousand times that, "This EXCLUSIVE BlackBerry Bold will NOT be sold in the Philippines." Yes, she mentioned it like ten thousand times.She also said that those who will be seen using white BlackBerry Bold 9700 will be tagged and branded as Globe Pioneer subscribers because they gave it away that night and won't be available anywhere in the Philippines.

That statement was partly true. Yes, they did give away 220 units that night but it doesn't mean that all those who use it are Globe postpaid pioneer subscribers. BlackBerry Philippines might not be selling them but after pondering a bit on where to buy the said unit, I discovered that almost ALL other stores selling mobile phones are selling the said "exclusive" white BlackBerry bold 9700 here in Metro Manila.

To know and experience if it will be hard to order a white BB Bold 9700, I ordered one and got it 2 days after. Free delivery plus great price -- A few hundred bucks difference compared to the Black edition.

See the photos below:
*Forgot to adjust the time and date.

Anyway,all in all, it was still an awesome event and it was great for Globe to give back something to their loyal subscribers other than their loyalty program. I think the other telcos should also follow. They really made everyone feel VIP that night -- the way companies should let their customers feel.

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  1. how much did you get the white bb 9700 for?