Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restoring an iPod / iPhone or iPad - For Beginners

Since I have a tutorial request from a beginner, I just thought that I'd blog about it so my effort won't go to waste. Besides, I love doing these kind of tutorials.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to restore your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to their original state because of whatever reason.

Computer skill required: Very minimal

Just follow the screenshot and instruction carefully.

1. Go to
then type 'Download iTunes' in the search bar right above "Hanapin sa Google" or click this

2. If done right, it should appear like this. Kindly click on 'Apple- iTunes - Download iTunes Now'

3. You will be redirected to this website if you click that link. Kindly click the 'Download Now' button as seen below:

4. Save the file. A window might pop-up. Whatever happens, just save the file. (Please remember where you save the file)

5. If you are using firefox, it will show you that you are downloading iTunes. Be patient as this file is 71mb. Be ready to wait for around 5 to 10 minutes depending on your internet connection.

6. After downloading, find where you saved it. In my case, I saved it in my desktop. Double click the icon similar to the one you see below:

7. This will then pop-up:

8. iTunes is now ready to install. Click 'Next'

9. Select the 'I accept' button then click 'Next'

10. Click 'Install'

11. You will now see the status of the installation. Time of installation varies on the speed of your computer. Please be patient and wait.

12. After installing, click 'finish'.

13. Click the 'Next' button

14. Click the 'Next' button..again..

15. Click the 'Next' button..once again..

16. Click the 'Finish' button.

17. You have successfully installed iTunes into your computer! Congratulations! Now, to restore your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch into their original settings and state...

18. Plug your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch using the USB cable provided with your gadget into the PC. Wait for awhile for your PC to detect it. If your PC detects it, you will see another option as highlighted below. In this case, I connected my iPad via USB.

19. Click on the iPad icon / iPhone icon or iPod Touch icon then click restore.

20. For the rest of the steps, just read the question and answer. Remember, your goal is to restore your gadget to their original state. This means that everything in your gadget will be erased.

You might be asked if you want to download the latest software. Just click yes / continue or next. Doing this, you will have the latest software in your unit. +)

Hope this helps! Thank you for reading!

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