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Mobile Internet Gadgets - Sapido, Huawei and ZTE (MiFi for sale)

I like mobile gadgets. Those gadgets that help me be productive on-the-go. In fact, the first time Globe released a postpaid plan for Globe Visibility last 2008, I immediately subscribed. This is the Huawei e220 that came with it.

Globe and I was in a cat and dog relationship when I was subscribed to their Plan 2000 Globe Visibility package so after 2 years+, I decided to have it cut. Then, I switched to their competitor mobile broadband network - Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband.

It was a big help in terms of cashflow because from paying 2,000 pesos a month, I only paid 650 pesos a month for a similar but more reliable service. This was more than a year ago. I've heard good feedback now about Globe Tattoo. My cousin is subscribed to the Supersurf plan (Php 1,200) and when we did speedtest, I was amazed on the improvement of Globe. Given the chance that Sun won't improve the speed, I might be tempted to return to Globe but like I said, Sun never let me down. I am having second thoughts of transferring to Globe but if they can prove that they are as reliable as Sun Cellular, i'd gladly switch back to Globe.

My most used broadband stick now is a ZTE MF627. I openlined it by myself.

People get confused when they ask me what network I am using. You know why? Since it's network unlocked, my modem is a La Salle Smart Bro branded MF 627 stick, the interface I use is Globe Tattoo (when I plug the stick, Globe's dialer program autoruns) but, my simcard is Sun Cellular.

My problem that time (2008) was, how to share my mobile broadband connection to other people around me. I checked out some US stores and did a little research. After which, this lead me to the Windy USB WiFi Router. It works this way...
Connect your mobile broadband connection normally via laptop/pc - insert windy USB WiFi router to your laptop/ PC - a little configuration then, you can now share your mobile broadband connection!

I imported several units of the Windy USB WiFi Routers and sold it at around 6,500 pesos. It was expensive back then -- before the Sapido and the other MiFi gadgets arrived. I actually have one more unit of this, stuck at home. (Willing to let go at a low price)

At home, I'm currently subscribed to Sky Broadband plan 999 (I think). I'm pretty contented with it. If I can already 'slightly' recommend Globe Tattoo now versus before, I still DO NOT recommend you getting Globe Broadband. Just believe me. If Sky Broadband conks out on me once every 3 weeks (one day, the longest), Globe Broadband conks out like Once a week, sometimes, reaching 2-3 days before it gets fixed again. You can ask my friend, Hrudu and he'll be happy to tell you what he just experienced just several weeks ago.

If my Sky Broadband is down, I just plug my ZTE MF 627 into my Sapido GR-1102.

..after plugging my broadband stick to the Sapido then plugging the Sapido to AC power, I now have an instant WiFi network! Anyone around me can connect to my mobile broadband connection now. Of course, the speed of your connection depends on the speed of your internet. I bought my Sapido GR 1102 in Greenhills for 3,300 pesos (Add 200 pesos for the car charger).

Lo and behold... a few weeks after I bought that thing, a new gadget arrives!!! (Shucks! I shouldn't have bought the Sapido just yet!) An ultra-portable mobile wifi device called MiFi. It did cost a lot at that time.. The Huawei e5830 MiFi was selling at around 7,500 - 8,000 pesos. I just thought that it was too expensive so I waited.

Now that I can't wait, I got some units of Huawei e5830. I checked out stores and it's selling at 8,000-9,000 pesos (Tipidcp/ Tipidpc). Since I don't need a lot and I just bought it in bulk, I decided to sell the other units.

This is an openline Huawei e5830, brand new by 3uk. Guaranteed to work in the Philippines with your preferred network.

How does this work? Simply put your simcard in the unit, switch the e5830 on and there you go! You already have a WiFi network wherever you walk (don't forget to wear the shirt above!). This gadget can accomodate up to 5 gadgets -- PC, laptops, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nintendo DS.. Any gadget that has WiFi!

I'm going to sell this Huawei e5830 MiFi for only 5,700 pesos, free shipping to the province or wherever Metro Manila. I DO NOT ship to Nigeria, sorry :)

Note: This is networked unlocked so you can use Smart, Globe or Sun sims.

For more questions, just leave a comment below and I will answer them. If you want to order, leave your mobile number and name in the comment section below and we will get in touch with you. I won't publish mobile numbers to prevent mobile spamming.. I will only publish legitimate queries that may help other readers and serve as an FAQ.

Do check out the photos of the Huawei e5830 MiFi (Mobile WiFi)

Reasons to buy this gadget?
Let me tell you this. If you have multiple gadgets that are WiFi enabled - This is for you! Why bother subscribing to several broadband plans when you can just subscribe to one and use this gadget as your internet connection, wherever you go.

If you have an iPad with no 3g, this is also for you! The price difference of the Apple iPad 3g and the non-3g version is around 130 US dollars.. That's like 5,600 pesos ++. Why bother getting the 3g (unless you have the budget, of course) that's more expensive when this can do the same. Also there are programs that can't be used if you're connected via 3g. This will solve your problem. ;)

If you want to save on battery, this gadget will save your phone's battery. Connecting via 3g will drain your phone battery faster versus using this.

If you're a bachelor or just living alone at home and you don't want to have a separate internet subscription at home, get this! It's like bringing your home internet with you, wherever you go! This is better than you getting a subscription at home and your maids end up using it (or maybe your dogs)

Leave your contact details below if you want to order. After purchasing, I can also help you setup your MiFi via email. I won't publish your mobile numbers, don't worry. Only legitimate and sensible questions will be published as a FAQ for all readers.

Thanks for reading! :)

Do you own this product? Leave it in the comment section below and share your thoughts about the said gadget! :)

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Thank you for the overwhelming support! That many units, sold in just 2 days! Put your numbers below to pre-order. Next shipment will be very soon (week of oct 18)

[Update] - Oct 14, 2010
Above prices are now accurate.

[Update] - Nov 01, 2010
Sold out. Standby for info on when the next shipment will arrive. Thanks for ALL who bought and read this blog! +)

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  1. You are selling it because you're getting a newer model? :)

  2. I'd love to write an article review about this device. please let me know the details at

    thanks =)

  3. Nope. Because I have several units :)

  4. techsterr,

    Bro, I'll check if I have a unit to spare :)

  5. Interested ako. Pwedeng 4 gives? :D

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    can't.sorry. will msg you. :)

  7. nice blog, never really was into reading blogs, but yours are good. :)

  8. I am very much interested with the Mi-Fi. I will contact you when I have the money. This would be a good combo for my N8 that's coming and my Sun Broadband subscription.

  9. Hi Alvin,

    Since the device is for wifi connectivity, can one have it protected like passphrase? I honestly don't want my neighbors to leech on my free wifi LOL..

    For the sim card, any type works but does one need a data plan subcription? I'm on prepaid and it's costly (Smart is Php10/30 minutes or Unlisurf's the option), will my prepaid sim work?


  10. @newville22 thanks for the kind words :)

    @gadgetsandtech wow! n8! congrats bro! sige, contact me lang :)

    @food yes, you can put a password for security and to prevent leeching hehe. Pwede maski prepaid and postpaid - smart, globe and sun :)

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  12. still available? still 5,700? already unlocked? how long does the battery last? thanks!

  13. hi! still available?
    how long does the battery last?
    still 5,700? thanks!

  14. Hello,

    I have a question. I live in a province where we don't have any 3G network yet. Can I use for EDGE/GPRS network instead? Thanks.

  15. Yes, you can also use EDGE/ GPRS with this. :)

  16. No more stocks. Thanks for everyone who bought! Enjoy!

  17. Hello everyone,

    Sapido just launched a new model with built-in rechargeable battery that will last up to 6 hours. The model is MB 1132 with a price of 3200 pesos only. Available at virra mall. If you like cheaper model without battery you can get them @ 1,900 only fyi

  18. wow very informative! thank u so much! i contacted Sun earlier today and they are not as helpful as you are on this blog. Thanks!

  19. @CybrTrendz

    Not selling anymore.

    Anyway, price update as of Feb 2012 (Greenhills price, Openline) Im not selling.
    Huawei E5830 Php 3,600.00
    Huawei E5 Php 4,000.00
    Huawei E586 Php 6,500.00


  20. Hi! Do you have updates on this? I'd like to purchase a portable wifi, but don't know which brand to choose. Thanks!