Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 of the most Creative Axe Effect Games

To note, AXE isn’t showering me with women for posting this. :D

AXE, of course, being the line of highly-successful men’s grooming products. Here, they are known more for their scents, and keeping men dry and confident and smelling/feeling fantastic all the time.

The thing about AXE is, each year they roll out something NEW. Along with that, be it a new scent, or a new product, they also create some of the most outrageous campaigns to launch ‘em. Excluding the live events and whatnot, what’s really impressive is that they cover all fronts --- including the internet component. (Again, they are not showering me with women --- yet --- for writing this. Booooo)

Let’s take a look at some of the most creative online stuff they’ve done so far:

1. AXE Shower Gel Game – AXE has been known to be cheeky --- parts-playful/parts-naughty in their ads, and this is pretty much up there in terms of cheekiness. A girl’s buzzing over to join you in the shower! You better clean up before she gets there! Utilizing Shockwave, you have to navigate ‘round the room to clear some … evidence from the fun the night before! Used to promote one of their new shower gel scents.

2. 100 Girls – In the States, they have AXE shampoos and various styling products --- to combat the escalating hair crisis, they’ve launched the AXE Hair Crisis Relief site, to get “Girl Approved Hair.” The center of this site is the 100 Girls approval service --- where you can upload a photo of you and 100 girls get to decide if you have “Yes” or “No” hair.

3. The Numb3rs Game – If you’ve ever played any of those click/movement-type games on Facebook, then this must be for you --- select any of the three girls, then a fragrance. Move the cursor up and down As.Fast.As.You.Can to be able to generate enough energy for a spray. If you’re fast enough, you get to see unique animations of the three girls while you generate attraction. If you do well enough, you get her number -- which, you can actually dial and call!

Did I mention that all three games feature some lovely ladies? Also, now that we know how to feel energized after a shower, have great looking hair and topping it all off with a nice scent (and a number!), AXE has still not showered me with women. :p

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