Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do people still use 3.5 inch diskettes?

It's being sold for Php15.00 pesos!!!!

This disk can hold up to 1.44mb worth of files!!! Wow!! (sarcastic)

I posted a blog last Nov 2008 about the computerization of the Philippines (read it here).

Why, if the government would require me to submit such, I don't know how to put my files there!!! Some computers now doesn't even have CD drives or DVD Drives!

I think we should even advance more and stop this non-sense of spending 15 pesos for a storage that can hold less than 2mb!

Recently (last December), I bought a 1-gig USB thumb drive for 100 pesos.

Computing it:

100 pesos / 1000 mb = 0.1 pesos/mb

In short, modern storage devices cost waay lot cheaper than the old ones. It would be cheaper to just fully-upgrade our government system than semi-computerize it.

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