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Wireless Landline Services Comparison in the Philippines

Hi everyone. In this blog, I will help you choose the mobile landline that fits best to your needs. Disclaimer: This is not a paid ad nor sponsored by anyone. This is my own personal review. More photos to follow on another post.

Of all these offerings from different Telcos, I've tried 4, namely:
1. Mango (Wireless Landline - Simcard-less phone)
2. Globe Duo
3. SunTel
4. PLDT Landline+ (PLDT LL+)

1. Mango (Wireless Landline - Simcard-less phone)
Ever since back in the last quarter of 2006, I applied for this to be used in my store. There are several advantages and disadvantages:

-Cheaper than getting a PLDT business landline (We are paying around 440+ pesos a month)
-I can get it out of the store and bring it anywhere around Metro Manila (Metro Manila only)
-Built-in Phonebook
-This phone can also send SMS text messages. 1 Peso per SMS sent.
-Can also receive SMS

-Big. Not as portable and mobile as it was suppose to be. (There are smaller units that you can choose too if you want. I just chose this because it looks more like a real landline for a real office)
-Battery problem. Since every battery has a charging cycle, keeping this plugged-in all the time will damage the battery cycle. Result? Less battery life.
-Hard to receive and do call when it's raining very hard. (Remember Ondoy? My personnels wasn't able to make a single phone call from it)
-The antenna attached is prone to loss-threading.
-Hard to type in SMS
-Buttons sometimes get stuck

2. Globe Duo
-It uses only 1 simcard. Your globe handyphone + landline in 1 sim. You just have to add 399 pesos on top of your current G-plan billing per month.

-Prepaid version of the Globe Duo is whopping expensive. P125 pesos for 5 days.
-After registering for the prepaid Globe Duo, you must maintain it. Meaning, every 30 days, you must at least use it for 5 days. Otherwise, you get the risk of having your number used by another person. Number will expire if not used for 30 days.
-Versus SunTel landline, Globe is a disadvantage. SunTel only charges P249 pesos a month on top of your SunCellular mobile bill. SunTel now also offers 1 simcard for both landline and mobile numbers.
-Available in NCR and Cebu only!

3. SunTel Landline
-Cheaper version of the Globe Duo. For only 249 pesos, you add a unlimited landline to your current plan. (Example: You are currently subscribed to Sun's Plan 350. Just add P249 pesos and you also get unlimited landline calls PLUS, your own landline number in just one sim.)

-Since this is using the Sun Network (Which I think is expanding very very fast), signal won't be a problem very soon.
-For the meantime, Metro Manila only (Not sure. Need to confirm this statement.)

4. PLDT Landline+ a.k.a. (PLDT LL+)
-Only 250 pesos a month on top of your regular PLDT landline at home.
-Clear. Just like using a landline.
-Affordable. Same as the SunTel.
-Uses the Smart Network signal. (Smart has a good reputation with regards to their mobile signal nationwide.)
-Use it anywhere in the Philippines. (e.g. You are in Boracay. You can call home in Metro Manila for no additional NDD charge since this is unlimited landline calling)

-You must be a PLDT subscriber because your number will be attached and billed at the same time with your home number.
-Unlike Globe Duo and SunTel, you will be forced to use another phone to accomodate the PLDT LL+ simcard.

Conclusion, Please see below what suits your preference and needs:

Lowest Charge - SunTel (250) and PLDT Landline Plus (250)
Widest Coverage - PLDT Landline Plus
Can send and receive SMS - SunTel, Globe Duo and Mango Wireless
Single Simcard for both Mobile and landline - SunTel and Globe Duo
Seperate Simcard - PLDT LL+
No Simcard - Mango Wireless (Powered by Digitel, sister company of Sun Cellular)
Prepaid Version - PLDT Landline Plus and Globe Duo

My verdict for landline usage (My Choice)

Number 1 - PLDT Landline + (PLDT LL+)
Number 2 - SunTel
Number 3 - Globe Duo (For businesses and restaurants, Mango Wireless is very ok since it acts like a real landline)

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  1. If im a globe prepaid subscriber, how much is the charge to send an sms toa pldt landline plus number?