Friday, October 2, 2009

Slowest Broadband Internet Service Provider

How ironic is this flier avertisement? If you ask me, it's so ironic that when the facts are placed on the table, you'll immediately see that this company is lying.

"Sa negosyo, bawal ang mabagal". In English, it's similar to saying "In business, slowness ain't allowed".

What's so funny here is that, the company who produced this flier advertisement is, from my experience the slowest Internet broadband service provider here in the philippines!

This doesn't stop from my experience. I've know tons of people who can testify to what I'm saying. In fact, when they started serving Globe Visibility (now called Globe Tattoo), I was even recommending it to friends. Turns out that they have been the most problematic service provider to us.

That flier also implicates that if you want a faster Internet conection, get their service. (refer to the photo).

Unsuspecting customers and business people who saw their misleading ads could get further misleaded by what this flier is stating.

Our Globe Broadband has been down for already 2 months. We had made a series of calls and several complaints on their globe tattoo complaint website but, unfortunately, they have been deaf about this matter.

I mean, I completely understand. Why would you even care for one measly subscriber when you have tons of more important corporate accounts?

I pity your customer support. Ever since we transferred to your service, all we have been experiencing are nightmares. Not one single praising moment.

Globe cares -- for large accounts only.

Thank you Globe for misleading us and not caring for us. One day, when you need to close because of I-don't-know-what-reason, maybe you'll start to care and feel our problems.

You are numb when you are at the top.

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