Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to stop / deactivate G-Live from sending you messages

After experiencing Globe's dysfunctional services namely, Globe Tattoo, Globe Visibility and Globe Broadband, Globe is now annoying users by spamming their mobile phones with unwanted messages!

It's very easy to deactive G-live messages from appearing. Here are the steps:
1. Go to Globe svcs+ menu
2. Select G-live
3. Select Activation
4. Select Deactivate

Voila! No more spam messages from Globe! I started receiving these messages when my sim magically became unusable. I havent done anything to it. The signal from my Globe sim just went out..and it never came back.

I am a prepaid user now and have a special number + an autoload retailer menu, they changed my sim for 50 bucks and told me that they cannot return the autoload retailer menu. Without hesitation, I immediately said, "great!"

Why would I want to help them sell load when firstly, they offer bad services and secondly, they do not know how to deal with customers. I've been complaining for years now and I did not receive a single resolution for my problems.

The only resolution was, to have my line cut and stay away from them (Globe).

So, there. Bye-bye G-live spam and Globe spam messages

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