Saturday, October 31, 2009

Manhattan MM3 Optical Mobile Micro Mouse -Review

Okaaay.. Manhattan MM3 Optical Mobile Micro Mouse is not a so micro name! Anyway, this is a mini-review I made for a micro mouse I bought a few days back. I decided to make a blog post for it since I was contented with it. I hope this mouse would last long because my last mice was less than 3-months old! It was an A4tech (A4 tech) run on shine X5-60md mouse. Don't buy the a4tech mouse! I never dropped it or dipped it nor abused it. It just gave up on me without any explanation. Poor quality. (oh and guess what? the silver part on the a4tech easily fades!)

First Impressions
Well, as I was scouting for a mouse, this thing got my attention. Other than the left/right click and scroll wheel, it has 2 extra buttons right above the scroll wheel.

AND what attracted my attention more was the price! At just 350pesos (roughly 7 US dollars), it was worth the risk! I bought my previous mouse (the a4tech) at around 600 pesos (around 12 US dollars).
It was smaller than the a4 tech X5-60md mouse. although the body looked like it was made of cheap materials, it felt compact and solid enough for everyday use. (wait for my updates on how long will this mice last me)

Upon opening the blister pack packaging (which, by the way, is my hatest type of packaging), I was surprised to find out inside that there was a cd installer, a pouch for the mouse and an instruction guide. Who would read a guide on how to use a mouse, right? I liked the simple pouch no matter how simple it was.

But then, I think that they are just being age-friendly to us consumers. Not all would know how to operate one, eh? Just don't feed it to the cat and your good to go!

Actual Usage
After installing the CD included in the package, I quickly reconfigured the two extra buttons using the program (see figure 1).
Figure 1

You can choose from several programmable options (see figure 2 below) like:
Figure 2

Just like what a mouse should be. Easy to configure, easier to use. but what's more important is, I hope this would last long. Promise, I will update this post as soon as this mouse gives up on me.

For photos of the mice itself, check out some photos below:

Official Site: Manhattan Computer Products

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